Oak Realty One, Inc. 233 Bridge Street, LaBelle, Florida 33935 (863) 675-0500
(On the Corner of Bridge Sreet and Washington Ave.)
Cindy L. Alexander, Licensed Real Estate Broker
"Serving the South Florida area since 1992"


If you're looking for a property management company to manage your investment property, or to sell any kind of real estate, stop right here -- don't look any further. Oak Realty One, Inc. is your company. Over at 233 Bridge Street, LaBelle, Florida is where you can find Cindy L. Alexander ready to help you sell your home or help you find that unique home you've been looking for.

Cindy has been in the real estate business since 1992 and has worked in LaBelle for 20 years. You might know her from Cindy's Cleaning Service. Oak Realty One, Inc. specializes in property management for single family homes, duplexes and mobile homes. Oak Realty One, Inc. always does a screening process for prospective tenants including credit reports and references. They also have in-house services to fit your needs. Ask Cindy and she'll be glad to tell you about the different plans available. Give them a call at (863) 675-0500.